“Be Different”…Week 1 Mission

We started a new series at Twin Oaks Church this last Sunday: entitled “Be Different”. For a more detailed description of the series, and to hear the first message (John Newton & The Gospel), click here: http://www.twinoakschurch.com/sermons/

One unique aspect to this series, is that we are being tasked with a specific “mission” each week. On the following Sunday, we’ll take a few minutes and open up the floor for folks to share about what they learned and what they accomplished in their mission the previous week. 

Here are the challenges for this week:

For the committed follower of Jesus Christ:                                                                                                         Your mission is to share the liberating gospel that you have experienced. Pray every day this week that God will provide the opportunity and words to talk about Him with ONE PERSON this week. Maybe that means praying with a co-worker, inviting your friend to church, or sharing a Scripture or your testimony with a neighbor. We will move forward in intentionality and in prayer, and as God opens up doors, we will share about Him in love, humility and respect.

For those who still have questions about Jesus and Christianity (you have a mission too!):                                     Your mission too, is to talk about Jesus…but your mission is to talk about Jesus with a committed Christian. Continue the conversation this week. Ask your questions. Talk with the person that brought you to church, or let me buy you some coffee and we’ll chat. I’d love to hear your thoughts and listen to your questions. (philipp@twinoakschurch.com)

Joe Newton continues the series this Sunday…hope to see you there!

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